11-13 October 2024


Harmonic Journeys Through Space-Time

Date and Time
Sat 12 Oct, 10am
Reardon Theatre
60 minutes
$39 / $32

Melbourne French Horn heroine Carla Blackwood ushers us into a monumental day of music with the heraldic Interstellar Call from Olivier Messiaen’s From the Canyons to the Stars, complete with the chattering bird calls of the Chinese Thrush and the Canyon Wren. Celebrated Sydney composer Natalie Williams’ Talking Points, featuring violist extraordinaire Christopher Moore, depicts the viola and piano interacting as characters in a conversation, in turn revealing their character traits, jostling for supremacy, and expressing nostalgia for their shared past, until the viola disappears into eternity. Christopher is then joined by esteemed colleagues for Gabriel Fauré’s luscious first piano quartet – considered to be one of the masterpieces of his youth, wonderfully lyrical and trailblazingly inventive for his time, intoxicating and other-worldly with themes that seem constantly to be drawn skywards.

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Olivier Messiaen
Appel Interstellaire
Natalie Williams
Talking Points
Gabriel Fauré
Piano Quartet No 1, Op 15

Helena Rathbone Violin
Christopher Moore Viola
Timo-Veikko Valve Cello
Carla Blackwood French Horn
Stefan Cassomenos Piano