Community Events

2022 Closing Gala: Regeneration

Featuring Michael Dahlenburg (conductor), Monica Curro (concertmaster), Leah Oswin (soprano), Songmakers Australia, Polyphonic Voices, the PFSMF Orchestra, the PFSMF Chorus, and the PFSMF Children’s Chorus, with members from Cantori, the U3A Choir, Warrnambool Symphony Orchestra, Corpus Medicorum, Port Fairy Consolidated School, and St Patrick’s Parish Primary School Port Fairy.

2022: Find Your Voice

featuring the Find Your Voice Collective and the Find Your Voice Band, led by Tom Richardson and Kylie Thulborn, and the PFSMF Chamber Orchestra, led by Stefan Cassomenos.

2022 Featured Southwest Visual Artists (The Sensorium)

Artworks by Harley Manifold, Caroline Healey, and Damon Kowarsky, co-curated by Gareth Colliton and Monica Curro.

2022 Autumn Gala

featuring Josh Piterman, Shauntai Batzke, Demby McKenzie, Stefan Cassomenos, and the PFSMF Autumn Gala Chorus

2021 Autumn Gala

featuring Josh Piterman, Leah Oswin, Anna-Lee Robertson, Toby McKenzie, Stefan Cassomenos, and the PFSMF Autumn Gala Male Choir

2020 Featured Southwest Visual Artists (2020 Digital Festival: Reflection)

Artworks by Rachel Peters, Berit Hampel, Kathryn Ryan, Jane Downing, Heather Wood, Carmel Wallace, Colleen Guiney, and Marion Manifold.

2019 Saturday Gala: In The Beginning

featuring Richard Mills (conductor), Monica Curro (concertmaster), Shauntai Batzke (soprano), Louise Keast (soprano), Alexandra Flood (soprano), Liane Keegan (contralto), James Egglestone (tenor), David Parkin (Bass), Consort of Melbourne, members of Dhungala Children’s Choir, Vox Plexus, members of Warrnambool Organ Festival Chorus, the Choir of Port Fairy Consolidated School, the Choir of St Patrick’s Parish Primary School Port Fairy, the PFSMF Orchestra, and the PFSMF Chorus – with instrumentalists from Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria, Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, Corpus Medicorum, Geelong Symphony Orchestra, Hamilton Symphony Orchestra, and Warrnambool Symphony Orchestra.