11-13 October 2024

The Shortest History of Music

Food for Thought with Andrew Ford

Date and Time
Sat 12 Oct, 12.45pm
St Patrick's Hall
45 minutes
$45 / $39
(includes lunch and beverage)

From prehistory to now, this is the fascinating story of why music is vital to the human experience.

Award-winning broadcaster and composer Andrew Ford joins PFSMF co-artistic director Monica Curro to talk about Ford’s latest book, The Shortest History of Music – a lively, authoritative tour through several thousand years of music. Packed with colourful characters and surprising details, it sets out to understand what exactly music is, and why humans are irresistibly drawn to making it.

This is not a traditional chronological account. Instead, Andrew Ford focuses on key themes in the history of music and considers how they have played out across the ages. How has music interacted with other social forces, such as religion and the economy? How have technological changes shaped the kinds of music humans make? From lullabies to concert halls, songlines to streaming services, what has music meant to humans at different times and in different places?

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