Country, Birdsong and Nature's music

Date and Time
Sat 14 Oct, 3:30pm
St John's Anglican Church
$39 / $32
Approximately 60 minutes, no interval

Featuring a texturally luxuriant ensemble of flute, viola, harp and yidaki (didgeridoo), Connection is a compelling art music pilgrimage inspired by Country, birdsong, and evocative Australian soundscapes, expertly navigated by contemporary music trailblazers Johanna Selleck, Amos Roach, Jacinta Dennett and Molly Collier-O’Boyle, performing an all-Australian program of original works, including a world premiere from Selleck, as well as the music of their violist-composer colleague William Vyvyan Murray.

Leading the way, Amos Roach draws on his proud Gunditjmara, Djab Wurrung and Ngarrandjerri heritage to present Gwungal Moronn from his healing songline The Six Seasons representing the Indigenous seasons of Gariwerd; his collaboratively composed work with Murray entitled Balliyang: Flying-fox: Bat recounts the creation story of the Kulin nation; Murray’s Birds suite immerses us in the distinct repartee of the currawong, wattlebird, magpie and bellbird; Selleck’s Spindrift invokes the ocean spray blown from cresting waves; and finally, HOON: black cockatoo!  juxtaposes the full ensemble with field recordings compiled by ornithologist Graeme Chapman, a captivating prism through which we contemplate feelings of home and belonging amidst Australia’s physical and psychological landscape.


Amos Roach Didgeridoo
Johanna Selleck Flute
Molly Collier-O’Boyle Viola
Jacinta Dennett Harp


ROACH Gwungal Moronn for solo didgeridoo, from The Six Seasons

SELLECK Spindrift for solo harp

SELLECK New Work for didgeridoo, flutes and electro-acoustic soundscape (World Premiere)

ROACH/MURRAY Balliyang: Flying-fox: Bat for didgeridoo, flute, viola, and harp

MURRAY 1st Suite: Birds for solo viola

SELLECK HOON: Black Cockatoo! for didgeridoo, flute, viola, harp, and field recordings

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